How to apply conditional formatting based on text in a cell?

  1. Select the range of cells you want to apply conditional formatting to.
  2. On the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules.
  3. In the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager box, click New Rule.
  4. In the New Formatting Rule box, click Format only cells that contain.
  5. Under Format only cells with, select Specific Text in the drop-down box.
  6. Select ending with in the next drop-down box.
  7. In the last drop-down box, enter the example text es.
  8. Click Format, and then click the Font tab.
  9. In the Color box, select a color for the highlighted cells.
  10. In the Font style box, select Bold.
  11. Click OK until you've closed the dialog boxes.

How to put serial number in word document?

If you want to put serial number in every page of your ms-word document,
  1. Create an excel file.
  2. Type the first number in your serial.
  3. Drag it and click on "Fill series" and save it.
  4. Open the word document which you want to serial in
  5. Click on mailings tab.
  6. Select recipients and select the excel document you created serial.
  7. Place the courser where you want to put serial number in word document.
  8. Click on the "Insert merge field"
  9. Then, click on the "Finish and merge" and Select Edit Individual Document.
You are done!! :)

How to merge the contents of multiple cells into one cell?

If you want to merge the contents of A1, B1 and C1

Go to formula bar
Type this formula "=(A1&" "&B1&" "&C1)"

How to remove all cells containing particular word?

If you have to delete all rows with “Devil” in it.
  1. Select all your data
  2. Press CTRL+F and search for “Devil”
  3. Click on “Find all” button
  4. Select the first result.
  5. Scroll down, holding SHIFT key, select the last result. This will select all search results.
  6. Close the Find box.
  7. Press CTRL + "-" (to delete cells)

How to delete all the blank cells in excel quickly?

Step 1: Select the area.

Step 2: Press "F5"

Step 3: Click the button named "Special"

Step 4: Select "Blank" and Click "OK"

Step 5: Click "Delete"