Organic Meat: Organic Murder.



When I took the first steps to becoming a Vegan I had no idea the adventures, controversies and backlash I was to encounter. 8 months ago, when I first started Veganism, I thought I was just going to omit the foods that dealt with torture. And go on otherwise normally. I am happy I was wrong.

Veganism has literally changed my entire mind set! I have a new appreciation for animals and food and life. As a result on this lifestyle, I have discovered this new driven force I never discovered in the past. Yet, although I am growing every moment and taking the steps to actually CHANGE our food culture, I still encounter those of the opposing view EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As a vegan, or anyone doing something social abnormal for that matter, you are going to face the majority. Oh the majority… Full of your delivered ideologies and after “I grew up eating food like this” have nothing much else to offer as an explanation or justification for eating death.



The picture of above is what slaughter houses don’t want you to see. But the finsihing product of what they DO want you to see. Your food goes through a process. This is the process.

Today, I want to talk about an issue I have been dicing in my head: eating ORGANIC animal products. Organic is defined as being naturally grown, excluding an artificial product usage. Organic can be “good” for you because they aim to avoid using herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides in fruits and vegetables. They are prominently grown outside, in dirt under the sun, just like God intended. Organic meat is feed a grass fed diet and is omitted from being pumped with steroids and antibiotics. My father recommended that I try eating Organic because it solves the unhealthy aspects of eating meat and animal products.

There’s a twist in that though that many still fail to fully understand: I don’t consume animal products and meat because I respect an animal’s life just as my own.

Organic or not, there is still bloodshed. An animal is still slaughtered. An animal is still being drained (blood), sliced and packaged in pretty plastic wrapped and sold off as “food.”

Of course vegans are just that because eating meat is linked to the growing cardiovascular diseases, weight problems and hundreds of other alignments that plague our society. But being a Vegan more than just health for you, it is health for another life.

Eating Organic meat and animal products cover only the health aspects, but what about the true underlying issue? The murder of another life in order to satisfy your taste buds?

This is when I bring in discipline. The melting in your mouth sensation is not worth harvesting life, slaughtering another life (whether inhumane or not) or seasoning it for a BBQ. It just simply doesn’t make that much sense to me. But that’s just me.

In a bigger sense, I do not condone eating organic meat and animal products because it is seemingly a cover up of the real thing; murder.

Yes, I know. Murder is a strong word. But it is the right word. Synonyms include inhuman and humane slaughter. But it is a fact. Murder is ending another life. And, coming from a Vegan, who’s to say an animal’s life is less than yours?

My family still eats meat. Some refuse looking at my blog because they just do not want to know. I have news for you: ignorance is bliss. Growth cannot come from just sweeping the truth under the rug and pretending that everything is fine.

Indeed, organic meat and animal products are “better,” but in comparison to what? Of course raising animals the right way is an improvement from extremely unsustainable factory farms! But our food should be better period. Not just a lesser of the two evils.

It depends on what you define as better. Organic farming is better because animals and plants are grown without the chemicals found in foods every day. Inhumane slaughter is better because an animal death is quick. If this is how you define better then you need to really start questioning your influences.

To me, better is eating food without the looming death. It is consuming GOOD food and clearing a plate without having to dance around bones. Yes bones. Animals have them. They also have a heart, lungs and offspring. So murder is a strong word, but it is the right word.

cow            Vs.        Human-Anatomy-Organs-283-707x1024

There is no difference!

So, to wrap up today, I always want herbivores and carnivores alike to ask themselves this question: WHY?!

Ask Why! Why am I eating meat? Because I grew up on it? Because it taste good? Is that a good enough reason to support the violent beating and torture many farm animals endure before being brutally slaughtered? Better yet, ask what… what am I even eating??

I will answer that question my own way: you are eating another life that just speaks in its own language and looks a little different. It’s like eating a foreigner.

Call me crazy, but I do not care! It is hard to start eating anything knowing that death was involved. My body is not a graveyard. I will not let it be. So, the organic argument is a pseudo relief from the reality: you are eating a once living thing. Repeat that sentence to yourself. Look at the chicken bones left piled on your plate and ask yourself: was it worth it?

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