More Oregon Land Art

+Skye Witherspoon found some pretty cool stuff on Google Earth. It's the remains of the third major land art project that I worked on with my father. This one was really cool. It was a three dimensional installation made with poles of varying heights. Between some of these poles, thin wires were strung and would sing in the wind.

Years ago, the poles started to fall down. The owner of the land then came by and each of these posts were cut down at ground level (now used fence posts), removing all traces of the design. Since then, water and blowing dust have exposed the design once again. File this as another cool thing that you can find on +Google Earth. In the photo below, you can see that there is a strange discoloration of the earth in center of the dry lake.

Zooming in further to this location shows the remains of the design which is resemblant of a sand dollar. Check it out on Google Earth (42.601442,-118.44053).

Article by Miles Witherspoon